ROM Review: Havoc OS

Rom Review Havoc OS

In this week’s ROM Review we have Havoc OS, a fan favorite in the modding community. A ROM well known for providing users with customization features way beyond any other ROM all while making no compromise in stability. We’ve tested out the latest Havoc 3.5 based on Android 10 and here are our thoughts.

Havoc OS is based on the Android Open Source Project(AOSP). Havoc OS is basically stock android on steroids. It allows you to personalize the stock android experience to be as different as possible. The User Interface is similar to the Pixel 4 with all of it’s traits. The ROM comes with a built-in pixel launcher with the app drawer and is fast and responsive. The styles option is a great feature and is added to the launcher itself. With the styles option, users have the option to tailor-make a custom theme for the entire device with a variety of fonts, icon shapes, clock styles, etc to choose from.

More customization options can be found in the Configurations Centre tab within the phone settings. Almost all parts of the device are customizable with this ROM through the Configurations Centre. An area where other custom ROMs struggled to maintain stability was with the Android 10 pill gestures. But with Havoc the gestures are super stable without any sort of lag or stuttering issues. The ROM comes with the standard AOSP camera which is mediocre and I’d recommend flashing GCam for the best photography experience.

The performance of the ROM is impressive as well. Users have reported a noticeable boost to the performance of their devices. Drastic changes can be seen on old phones and low end phones once this ROM is flashed. On testing this ROM on the 2 year old Redmi Note 5 the frame rates on PUBG Mobile rose from 15 fps to around 30 fps. This is the type of performance Havoc OS brings to the table. As for battery backup it will last you throughout the day and might vary depending on the device. The Redmi Note 5 that we tested on got around 6 hours of screen on time which is good for a two year old device. The battery drain while gaming or while doing heavy tasks was high on Havoc OS on comparison with other ROMs but the overall performance was way smoother on Havoc itself.

There are many ROMs out there that have similar customization features but what sets Havoc apart is consistency and stability. Consistency in terms of providing regular updates with bug fixes, security updates, and new features. Also, Havoc OS ROMs are considered very stable with the probability of errors like random reboots or app force closes to occur is very less. Even if such errors occur they are most likely to be fixed as soon as encountered.

As of right now this ROM, unfortunately, does not pass the SafetyNet check and UPI banking apps, and some video streaming apps might not work. It is believed to be fixed on a later build. Network Reception was fine and it comes with VoLTE enabled but some users have reported issues with VoLTE. Airtel and Jio did not seem to face any issues with VoLTE in our tests.

Havoc OS is available for a vast number of devices and receives updates even on the oldest of devices with consistency. Click here to check if your device supports Havoc OS. SKULSHADY (Anushal Prasal) the lead developer of Havoc OS and his team, has made sure to provide users with the best android experience possible and looks like they’ve done a fantastic job.

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