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Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets Unlocked By Any Fingerprint

Security is one of the essential factor in smartphones. Today we get a lot of different lock options to keep our smartphone secure, like PIN, pattern, password, face unlock, and most common fingerprint sensor. This year we saw the fingerprint sensor went below the display, which is a well appreciated thing by consumers. That’s because it’s very easy to unlock and most reliable method. But what if a smartphone accidently starts to unlock it with non-registered fingerprints as well? Especially if it’s a Samsung Flagship.


A new security flaw is spotted in Samsung Galaxy S10 by a buyer through which the smartphone can be unlock by any fingerprint. No matter the fingerprint is registered or not, phone will get unlocked easily. The reason why this is happening is because the buyer used third party protective glass over the display. That glass is making the sensor difficult to get fingerprint scan and the phone gets unlocked by anyone. Samsung’s response on this is actually true, that users should by authentic accessories only.


But as we know that official accessories are way too expensive and not everyone can afford the same. That’s why sometimes users have to purchase these third party accessories. But good thing here is that Samsung will investigate this issue and will fix the same with upcoming software update. Though there’s no timeline for the update yet, but we should expect it by next month, after Halloween. But till then what you need to do?


Some Precautions :

  • All Samsung users having in-display fingerprint sensor and third party protection glass, check your fingerprint with someone else that is your phone secure or not?
  • If yes, then change your unlocking method to something else.
  • Face Unlock is a fast option, but it’s not as secure as other options. So do note this thing.
  • Try both Pattern lock and PIN. Check which js faster for you.
  • Update your phone to the latest software, especially Galaxy S10 users.


So that’s all the information we have as of now. I guess this is a serious vulnerability because fingerprint is now in use to access sensitive data like banking apps, digital wallets, etc. Not just Samsung, every other company should look forward to the security of their smartphones. Because security is the biggest asset to not just the consumers, but to everyone. Well, what are your thoughts on this issue? Let us know in the comment section below. Also stay tuned with us for more information.


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