Listing Smart TVs that Ideally Fit Smaller Homes
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Smart TVs that Ideally Fit Smaller Homes

Petite yet immersive. That’s exactly the kind of criteria I had in mind when I started my search for a TV set that’ll perfectly fit my small-sized apartment. Not surprisingly, the mainstream market only showed me the “bigger and better” varieties, telling me that if I didn’t get the latest 85-inch 8K Ultra HDTV, I’d have lived for nothing. However, what these progressive proponents seem to forget is that there is a whole consumer class that simply cannot afford the $13,000 price tag without selling their souls. So, I continued to dig deeper, until I came across a list of the best compact-sized televisions with “smart” functionality from among which, I chose one and am happy to this day with my selection. If you’re stuck in a similar fix then let me help you out of it. Following are the top, feature-packed, 32-inch+ smart TVs that will suit your smaller homes and your equally small budget the best.

Toshiba 32LF221U19

Even with a 32-inch LED display, this TV set ideally portrays the black and white color spectrum on its screen in a stark 720p HD resolution. Interestingly, this edition of Toshiba has a built-in Five TV player that allows you to enjoy both basic and premium channels, including STARZ, Prime Video, HBO, Netflix, and Hulu, etc., streamed over your Frontier TV packages. With an extra HD antenna, this TV set will also tune the live over-the-air broadcasts of sports and news, etc. When it comes to smart functionality, Toshiba 32LF221U19 comes equipped with a voice-controlled remote that’s powered by Alexa, meaning, you can easily play your favorite music, switch between inputs, search around for trending movie titles, launch your gaming apps and check on your smart home devices with just a voice command. Price tag? Only $149.99 on Amazon, without the expert installation.

TCL 32S327

This TV set has a 32-inch LED display, which gives a relatively clearer video quality. The supported resolution is 720p HD and the refresh rate is 60Hz. More importantly, it consists of a built-in Roku TV player, which enables you to access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other streaming services in addition to browsing through a 4000+ impressive channel line-up quite easily. The overall interface of the player is intuitive, user-friendly and personalized. Input-wise, TCL 32S327 has three HDMI ports, headphone jack, USB slot, RF and Composite, etc. Amazon lists its basic price at $138.88, without the wall mount, digital antenna and other premium appendages.

Vizio D-Series D32F-F1

A voluminous 1080p picture quality in a compact 32-inch screen is exactly what Vizio’s D-Series offers to you with a cheap price tag of $168 on Walmart this season. Besides the gorgeous eye-popping colors and a sharp contrast ratio, the LED panel display is nicely complemented with a DTS StudioSound support. It is also compatible with Google Assistant, so you can use the voice command functionality via the speaker hub to control the TV. In addition to that, D32F-F1 comes equipped with a SmartCast feature, meaning you can cast your favorite content and streaming apps from your smartphone onto the TV screen. Cool, right?

Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA

If you’d like your TV to be from an authority brand with next-to-latest picture quality and an affordable price range then Samsung’s UN40NU7100FXZA flat-screened TV will serve your specific requirements quite well. Why? Because it has a 40-inch UHD (Ultra-High-Definition) display with an inherent PurColor feature creating an incredibly vibrant picture due to its sharp play on colors. Moreover, the TV set has a resolution of 4K, a motion rate of 120V, smoothly handling fast-moving content, an HDR view of 10+ band, an elegant design and a smart streaming capability, courtesy of Samsung’s own Tizen platform, giving you access to exhilarating entertainment line-ups, all through your Samsung Remote Control. In case you’re worried about the price of this beautiful TV set, fret not. It falls in the moderate $350+ category.

LG 43UK6300PUE

Due to its relatively extensive size (43-inches) and the HRD-supported screen this TV set flexibly runs pictures in the much-coveted 4K resolution. Its advanced tone mapping technology ensures that each scene is optimized bit by bit and shown to you in a stellar UHD quality. Moreover, the intrinsic IPS activates easier in-plane switching, renders a stronger contrast ratio and delivers richer colors. Interestingly, LG has also added its variation of the AI (Artificial Intelligence), known as ThinkQ, in this set, which enables you to connect with the surrounding Alexa devices and supervise your smart home network right from the voice-controlled remote. The TV also consists of the latest webOS 3.5 platform, which streams everything from YouTube to Netflix) and the Channel Plus app  giving access to 70+ premium channels for free! Wondering about the price of this set? Only $326.99 on Amazon.

So, what are you waiting for? Select from any of these compact smart TV sets and enjoy unbounded entertainment right from the comfort of your small-sized apartment.

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