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Snapchat, the very popular social media application and from this app, many innovative and cool features have been adopted by Instagram, which is yet another demanded application of the world. Well, today the developers of the Snapchat has introduced a couple of features and brings improvements and that will definitely give a delightful experience to all the users of this amazing application. So, guys without wasting any time let’s check out all the new features of the latest version of Snapchat.

Snap Games

The Snap Games is the new set of mobile games which allows users to play within the Snapchat application, the games will allow multiplayer option and user can able to play with their friends using text or voice chat during the game. It is launched with six games – Bitmoji Party, Tiny Royale (Zynga), Snake Squad (Game Closure), C.A.T.S. Drift Race (ZeptoLab), Zombie Rescue Squad (PikPok), and Alphabet Hustle (Spry Fox).

Snap Originals

With this, uses of the application can able to watch original shows which are made by Snapchat and the shows will play in full screen just like the stories. Snapchat will showcase shows from various categories such as documentaries, comedies, teen dramas, and more.

Improvements to the existing features

The Lenses are very popular in Snapchat and with the latest update the company takes it to new height, as you can now be able to scan things like objects and look them on Amazon, if you scan music then you will be taken on Shazam and the company also help the students who have problems in mathematics, as if you scan problems then you will land on Photomath. That’s not all, the app now has Lens Studio feature and that will allow users to create and share lenses with other users of the application. The company has also joined its hand with artists across the globe to create special lenses.

The application also brings improvements to the Snap Kit, then it’s a developer tool and it allows developers to bring the Snapchat functionality within their applications. Well, now with the latest updated to the with Story Kit, you can integrate Snapchat Stories within your app. Apps like Tinder, Houseparty, and AdventureAide are the first to do this.

Furthermore, the developers of the Snapchat also improved the Bitmoji Kit and that will you to implement Bitmoji in other apps, The Creative Kit also improved and that lets you share from other apps to Snapchat, and finally, Ad Kit lets you monetize your app using Snapchat’s ad platform.

So, what are you waiting for guys??? Update the Snapchat and enjoy all the new features now.

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