Snapchat latest update brings fun tools to users


Snapchat’s has rolled out its latest update for iOS and Android which lets users add more features to their snaps.The updated snapchat holds three main features like Backdrop, paper clip, and voice filters.


A backdrop feature is a new tool that will allow users to trace an object from a Snap, apply a fun pattern behind it This will certainly add more fun to the image with creativity. This can be done by taping the scissors and backdrop icon later trace the object and insert a layer between object and background.


The paperclip lets users attach a website link to a snap, and friends can open the link in the internal snapchat browser by swiping up easily.this could let users share multiple events with the snap. Snapchat will use its own automated tools for safe browsing.this can be made by selecting paperclip option and entering the website. But be careful in sharing website, as the snapchat use its own browser which can handle mild websites, not the heavy laggy one.


Finally, there is a new voice alteration tool called voice filters that allows users to now customize voice sounds in a clip. Previously, voice filters were only part of visually augmented reality lenses, Now you can tap the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen and select from a wide range of character voices from the more popular chipmunk, new alien and robot give your Snaps some extra fun.


In recent snapchat has been updating its app to bring fun all time, some of the updates were copied and some were refreshing. if snapchats continues to update with fun factors like this one, it will receive all the features unimaginably a social media would have.


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Source: Cnet

Written by Sukhi

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