Snapchat rolls out New Update on Snap Map


The popular social media company Snapchat is entering into the mapping world with a New update consisting Snap Map, a new feature that will allow users to share their locations with each other, the update rolling out now for iOS and Android.



What is Snap Map?




Snap Map allows users to zoom out to their neighborhood, city, country, and even continent to see where their other Snapchat friends are located. Users can enter Ghost Mode to keep from sharing location details publicly.Snap Map also features heat locations which are used to denote any famous concert or event occurring in that area, The redder a location is, the more Snaps there are coming from that spot.




There are also thumbnails featuring Stories that have been organized around a specific event or theme.Another benefit is if you see a friend is nearby an event, you can tap their Bitmoji to immediately start chatting with them to get details about it.



How To Use Snap Map?




  • Update app to latest 10.11 version.
  • To access ‘Snap Map,’ pinch your Snapchat camera home screen.
  • From the ‘Snap Map’ screen, you will be asked who you’ll like to share your location with. (ie: friends, specific people, public)
  • A map will show up showing you events going on, or where friends or followers who have shared their location.



Snapchat has acquired Zenly (social Map Startup) for $250 million to $350 million, as SnapMap theme looks similar to the Zenly. Why don’t you give a try now?



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