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If you’ve ever considered starting your own business but haven’t been sure what you might need to do so, here are a couple of ideas for tech and software to help get you started.

Website Design

With the internet being the first port of call for the majority of people, it is vital to have a great website. This is a great investment to make, so working with a branding company to create your online image will really pay off. They can help you with everything from logos to web development and SEO, making your business really stand out and maximize the internet. A good website will be informative, eye-catching, and easy to navigate, whilst promoting your business and offering links to further information and socials.

Invoices and Money Management

Navigating finances can be tricky, but there are plenty of different software solutions. Make and send invoices to clients, keep track of spending and taxes, and even pay employees from your laptop. With a huge increase in independent businesses, it has never been simpler to find a service that works for you. Gone are the days of needing accountants and queuing at the bank! Save admin time and fees, integrate with your other software, and receive support and guidance wherever and whenever you need it. The financial aspect of setting up a business is what puts a lot of people off, so it is important to remember that software like these make it more accessible and easier to understand.

Work Phone

You might benefit from using a separate phone for work-related calls, emails, and travel. This makes it easier to keep track of your business expenses without getting them confused with personal phone use. Furthermore, using a business phone gives you an extra air of professionalism, allowing customers to contact the business easily and efficiently. There are plenty of options and deals available, so make sure you research what is best for you and what would suit your business and location.


Tablets are fast becoming a great alternative to carrying around heavy laptops. Why not invest in a tablet to use in meetings or when travelling, to take notes, pictures, send emails, and manage your business in a more compact way? With add-ons like keyboards or pens, you can type or write ideas and minutes in a flexible manner. What’s more, you can share information across all your devices with the Cloud or Google Drive, meaning you can access your information regardless of what you’re using, and you can get the same apps on each device, too.

Social Media Management

Nearly everyone is on some form of social media, so having an understanding of how it works is very important. It can be overwhelming, however, especially if you are dealing with it yourself. Remembering when to post, update, tweet, or send newsletters is difficult to do, but luckily there are some great social media management systems that are perfect for small businesses. Similar to an online calendar, you can design and keep track of your posting schedules, queuing things up and making sure your business remains active and present on socials.

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