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Tez set to allow in app chats for Payments

Google is working on Tez to make it more than a payment application with an ability to send and receive text messages. Is this the conflict of Whatsapp bringing payment option?

Google Tez app launched in India

Tez is set to have a chat feature to users who are using the app for payment options.  The update will have users to chat and do payments. Recently Whatsapp has updated the application with Payment features and the Hike has already updated on its platform with the feature a long back.

Whatsapp uses UPI which is a standard payment method without loading your wallets. Similarly, Tez has been doing this as a basic function. Now in addition to this, Google is updating the app with the chat feature. Tez has been successful since its launch in  Sept 2017. Tez has 12 million users. This is the direct competitor to the Chat centric app Whatsapp. The active users for Whatsapp are nearly 200 million, Comparing the numbers, you might come to an imagination of user base. Let’s see how these updates will attract users.


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