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Ever know about what radiation can do to your body? There are many types of energy in which and we are being exposed to it every day. Even if we avoid watching television or playing on the computer, there are other ways you can still absorb it, even if you don’t want to.

But what is radiation? For starters, it is an energy that came from a source. It travels through space and penetrates various materials. There are two classifications of radiation; these are the non-ionizing and ionizing. Non-ionizing waves are specified materials like microwaves, radio, and light waves. In contrast, the ionizing one is a classification that can emit charged particles (ions) in the matter.

Materials Containing Radiation

Constant exposure to these rays may cause damage to your health. Even if you avoid human-made materials that produce it, natural materials also have harmful radioactive particles to our environment that we do not know. Are you surprised?

Here are some household materials sitting in your home that you don’t even think of containing this energy in it.

  • Smoke Detectors – experts say that smoke detectors attached to some household use few amounts of a radioactive isotope (americium-241) that alerts the homeowners when there is smoke in the air. This household material does not alarm any health risks because the radioactive isotope is being surrounded by foil and ceramic. It is advised that detectors should not be tampered and only used as directed to avoid any health risk.
  • Televisions – we can’t say that all of the televisions contain radioactive particles. It shows that an old and box-shaped television includes a cathode ray tube that potentially emits low x-ray levels. Newer televisions models that are now flat screened may also emit radiations, who knows? If you are still using the ancient type of television or even the newer model, better to watch in a distance of at least two feet away from the television screen.
  • Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth Transmitters – having a Wi-Fi connection in your home is convenient. People living in your house can have easy access to the internet by connecting to the Wi-Fi, which helps them either if they are studying, working online, or even being saved from boredom. But little do we know that these routers can emit a high level of RF (radio frequency) waves.
  • Cellular phones, computers, and tablets – as these are the common materials that emit low levels of RF (radio frequency) energy waves. Although RF energy is a type of non-ionizing radiation, scientists are still studying its effects on the human body.
  • Granite Countertops – these babies look good in the kitchen but emit a small number of radioactive waves naturally. It is found that granite and a few particular kinds of rocks, soil, and minerals containing uranium.
  • Microwave ovens – this kitchen appliance is such a big help, especially to those people who always love their food to be hot as quickly as possible. This appliance uses electromagnetic waves to generate heat quickly. Don’t worry, because this does not make your food radioactive. You should correctly close and seal the microwave oven doors to ensure that the radiation stays inside the oven. Avoid slamming the oven door as its door seals might be damaged, which will cause it to leak radioactive waves and try to stand away when it is operating.

There are more of these kinds of materials that can transmit radioactive waves that have been in our homes for years. It is informative to know these kinds of stuff to keep your health safe from its waves if it is possible.

How To Stay Safe From Radiation

If we all focus on the listed things stated above, we can see that a Wi-Fi router produces a high level of radiofrequency waves that you should be protected from it. What is it? You must be aware that a wifi router guard blocks RF radiation as high levels of RF waves may cause serious health concerns to the homeowners. Assuming that every household has Wi-Fi routers, it is best to have a Wi-Fi router guard.

It is essential to think of your family’s health, especially when they already have underlying medical conditions. Constant exposure is hazardous to the health of the human body. It might as well add up to their illness if that happens.

What Are The Health Risks?

There are underlying effects on our health, whether exposed to a low or high level of Radio Frequency Waves. Here are some effects that could happen to our body.

  • Acute Radiation Syndrome from High Exposures – this syndrome is often present if there is a very high-level exposure from radioactive particles or instances delivered over a little time. Read moreabout radiation here.

This Acute Radiation Syndrome is also known as “radiation sickness” and commonly shows symptoms like vomiting and nausea within hours of exposure. This syndrome can also be lethal because it can result in an unfortunate demise over the following days or weeks.

  • Cancer Risk – Even if you are exposed to low-levels of radiation, there might be no immediate health effects that could affect your body, but there will be a small increase in the risk of cancer.


There is a study by the scientists that tracks a group of people that was exposed to this energy. These people are such as radiation industry workers and atomic bomb survivors. The study shows that exposure to radiation increases the chance of getting cancer. Thus, the risk increases when the dose of radiation also increases; it also decreases cancer risk when the dose also decreases.

There are many more health risks when being exposed to RF waves, which you can read on this website We cannot avoid these happenings because we are now dependent on technology in today’s generation. Technologies are present wherever we go. We should also know that children and fetuses have a higher risk of being exposed to these harmful rays because they are a lot more sensitive than adults. Their body cells rapidly divide, which gives more opportunity for it to cause cell damage and disrupt the process.

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