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Three Transferable Monetization Strategies From Hyper-Casual Games

Where do you find yourself playing games on your mobile device? Whether you’re waiting for an Uber or your plane to start boarding, hyper-casual games are addictive and accessible to pass the time. The term “hyper-casual” can confuse some consumers and leave them wondering how a game can be hyper and casual. However, these simple mechanic games possess a flat learning curve and no time restraints which classifies them as hyper-casual.


Mobile gaming brought the classic hyper-casual games such as Pac-Man and Tetris to app stores which led to a booming business. This resulted in savvy marketers brainstorming monetization strategies that increase revenue cash flows for game developers. Three monetization strategies include in-app purchases, advertising, and cross-promotion.


Most consumers are aware of the in-app purchases strategy in freemium apps. Freemium apps are essentially the free version of a paid app. These apps commonly position in-app purchases to encourage players to buy additional levels, boosts or extended play time.


Although advertising appears to be less obvious to consumers, advertising is the leading source of cash inflow for hyper-casual games. Game developers find most success in placing advertisement where they don’t invade the user experience because popup ads can result in uninstallation of the app entirely.


Cross-promotion sounds risky to some consumers, but arcade company powerhouses Voodoo and Ketchapp executed 48% of mobile arcade game downloads. These powerhouses recognized users are quick to stop using apps, so suggesting other games keeps users playing and purchasing.


CleverTap describes these three monetization strategies and more in this visual guide to hyper-casual games. These strategies can be transferable to other markets and support an omnichannel marketing strategy. Find a strategy that works for you and watch your business grow.



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