Tips to Know if I Need Wide-Format Printing?

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Standard printers cannot and will not handle everything. Wide-format printers are an incredible investment, which is why most companies choose to send out for the printing services.

Knowing some of the tips will help you to determine when wide-format printing is needed and what can be done to get amazing results.

What Should I Know?

Wide-format and custom poster printing can provide you with premium signage and marketing materials. Understanding what to look for will ensure you get creative and produce the quality materials that you can depend on.

What is wide-format printing?

Most people will consider wide-format printing to be anywhere between 24” and 72” in width. Essentially, if it can’t be printed with a traditional printer, it’s considered “wide” or “large format” printing. At Custom Printing, we have the capability of printing up to 64” x 160’ in size, ensuring all of your needs are met.

Wide-Format Can Be Used in Many Applications

Many already use this type of printing for banners and posters. However, it can also be used for graphic verticals, architectural renderings, engineering drawings, proofs, and more. By choosing a wide format, there’s no need to have multiple sheets. Instead, it’s all created as a single, unbroken roll. It’s easier to showcase a design as well as share it with others without having to worry about whether a page will go missing or not.

Understanding Costs

If you’re not going to need everything printed in a wide format, there’s no use investing in the equipment. Instead, it’s more cost-effective to work with a printing company for the various instances where you will need it.

The cost of what you need printed will vary based on such things as:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Color

Not all companies provide the same costs because the equipment and the ink being used can vary. As such, it’s important to request a quote from a company that you can rely on. To ensure you’re getting a great price, you can even get quotes from multiple companies.

Choose Font and Image Resolution Carefully

The font size and image resolution are of the utmost importance. What looks good on your 20” monitor may not look good on an 8’ high banner.

You’ll want to consider the viewing distance when choosing both font and image resolution. How far away will people be reading the content from?

There’s a good formula to use when choosing font size:

Viewing distance in feet multiplied by 0.034 gives you the height of the text in inches that you should use. Then, to convert that into the point size of the text, multiply it by 72.

If people will be viewing from 20’ away, you’ll want a font size of about 48. If people will be viewing from 100’ away, you’ll want a font size closer to 244.

Printing experts can help you with the image resolution that you should use. If you use a photo or other graphic with poor resolution, the pixilation may be so significant that people won’t know what it is.

Keep It Simple

People are busy. They aren’t going to stand in front of a banner or vertical for an extended period of time. 4 seconds is the average time spent glancing at information. This means that you don’t have a lot of time to work with. Large sentences will get ignored or, in a best-case scenario, skimmed.

Identify your core message. It’s a good idea to use:

  • One message
  • Short copy
  • Bold graphics

Try for the simplest message possible with graphics doing the majority of the talking. By working with a graphic designer, you can achieve an eye-catching design that is simple and effective.

If you try to squeeze too much on a single banner or vertical, it can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever seen a store or a convention space with multiple verticals, this is the reason. Each message should stand on its own.

Consider the Substrate

The substrate is the material that you’re going to be printing on. It’s one of the most forgotten aspects of printing because most people assume that the substrate will hold up to any environment.

You have to consider:

  • Durability
  • Use
  • Environment
  • Lifespan

Some substrates are capable of withstanding outdoor elements while others cannot. If you’re going to be rolling up a banner repeatedly, it needs to be durable enough to hold up. Similarly, if the printed material is going to be kept for years (such as for blueprints), the substrate and ink have to be high enough quality that it won’t fade or breakdown.

Choosing the substrate can be a simple process, however. Rather than fussing about it all, you can ask for recommendations from the print company that you decide to work with. You can be guided through the pros and cons of PVC vinyl, acid-free fine art paper, self-adhesive vinyl, and more.

Determine Overall Use

Wide-format printing can be used for everything from marketing banners to temporary walls to vehicle wraps. You have to determine how an item is to be used so that you can receive the necessary guidance.

Wraps can be used to wrap around delivery vans, boats, walls, and even the exterior of buildings.

Printed strips of vinyl can be used to hang in warehouses and other spaces to create walls. You can create temporary spaces that promote your event or brand no matter where you go.

Banners can hang down to promote your event or brand at concerts, convention centers, and within the interior of your building.

Get creative with the way that wide-format printing is used. Don’t assume that it’s only for horizontal and vertical banners. Once you realize that the ink and substrate can be changed out to fit your purpose, the options are endless.

Professional Wide-Printing Services

Wide-format printing can allow you to market at your location, at special events, and more. From banners to posters to mounted standees, we have the capability of helping with it all. At Custom Printing, Inc., we offer high-quality printing that delivers the sturdiness and fade resistance that you demand.

There are a lot of things that you have to consider. How are you going to use wide-format printing? Where will your target audience be when they view it? How long do you want to keep the printed material around?

These questions have to be answered – and our professional staff can help you with the best solutions based on your answers. Let us help you with the details to ensure you get quality printed materials that you can stand behind proudly.

Custom printing is what we do best. Upload your document for printing now or give us a call to find out how we can help with your wide-format printing project.

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