Twitter Redesigned On Desktop

Twitter introduces new threads feature

After increasing the characters, now the micro-blogging website Twitter has introduced yet another feature called Threads which will make things easier for you to publish ‘Tweetstorm’ at once.

With the new feature, you can now make things easier to do a series of tweets, this feature was showed up on Twitter Android app and now the company has announced it officially. To use the new feature you need to start posting a series of tweets, and then tap on the blue color ‘+’ button, You can add as many tweets as you like in the thread, once you complete then just tap on the ‘Tweet all’ button and your tweets will be posted at one go.

And users will also see ‘Show this thread’ label, under that you will see the complete series of tweets. Well, this is really handy for those who do lots of tweets in a short period of time, and in this way, users can also be updated in easily. Moreover, this feature has also appeared on the desktop version of the Twitter.


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Source: Twitter

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