US President Donald Trump Steps To Stop The Qualcomm Acquisition

US President Donald Trump Steps To Stop The Qualcomm Accusation

We are hearing the accusation news of Qualcomm for some time now, and it is said that Broadcom is gearing to acquire the mobile chipset makers Qualcomm. The drama first started in November last year and recently we also heard that Intel will buy Broadcom if they acquire Qualcomm. Well, now the president of United States Donald Trump came forward to stop this drama.

The US President Donald Trump issued a presidential order, which is to stop the deal to acquire the Qualcomm. Moreover, the presidential order also prohibited all the 15 Broadcom candidates for the Qualcomm’s board from standing the election.

Well, this strongly indicates that the president of The United States does not want to give the entire power of mobile industry into the hands of Chinese smartphone industry. In my opinion, this is really a great move by the president of America, as the smartphone industry slowly moving to the hands of China.

If we look the current market, we have a large number of smartphones from the Chinese market so saving Qualcomm from the deal, means that the president is concerned about the smartphone industry and it is really a welcome move by the President.

You can read the entire statement from the White House by heading over the link.


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Source: White House, Bloomberg