Verizon to buy Yahoo for 4.83 billion dollars

After the two decades of service Yahoo is going to be sold. It was not a secret that Yahoo was struggling recently, they did not focus and not having the real with their own products and services. Which results Yahoo to end their run, and the company was looking for a buyer from the last couple of months and now finally Verizon is ready to acquire Yahoo.




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Verizon Inc. is acquiring Yahoo for a whopping 4.83 billion dollars. Verizon will pay cash which include real estate. And the deal is expected to finish in early 2017.


With Yahoo, Verizon will be own lots of services, some of the notable include-

  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • com
  • BrightRoll


This deal will not affect in Yahoo Japan and Chinese company Alibaba, which means it will remain or renamed Yahoo once the sale closes.


So with this deal Verizon now owns couple of companies that dominated internet: AOL and Yahoo. Let’s hope something great will happen.


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