WhatsApp Brings New Features For Admins

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The Facebook owned WhatsApp has been testing few powerful features for the group admins in the beta version of the instant messaging application. Well, now the company officially announces all the features such as Group Description, Admin Controls, Dismiss as Admin, and more. So, without wasting time let’s dive into the article to know more about the features.

Group Description

Well, the developers of the world’s most favorite instant messaging application were testing from the month of February. With the Group Description feature, you will able to add a short bio in the group, (just like the text status, which we add in the about section of our profile). All the group members will able to view the description of the group, and also if the group invite is shared publicly with third-parties then it will also visible to the public.

Admin Controls

The developers sharpened the power of the admin with a feature called Restrict Group and it was available in the beta version from last month. Well, now the feature is available on both Android and iOS platform. With the new feature, the original admin of the group can able to prevent members of the group from changing the group info. The feature will also provide a new option called a Group Settings under the group info section, when you tap on it, you will see two options i.e. ‘Edit group info’ and ‘Edit group admins’.

The ‘Edit group info’ will further expand two more options called ‘All Participants’ and ‘Only Admins’, if the original admins select ‘All Participants’ then all the members of the group will able to change the group info. However, if the original admin select ‘Only Admins’ then the group admins can only able to change the group info.

Group Catch up

With this feature, you will see a new ‘@’ button in the bottom-right corner of the group chat whenever you have been mentioned in the group. Tapping on this ‘@’ button will take you to those messages and in this way, you can quickly read and reply.

Dismiss as Admin

The feature will allow the actual admin who created the group to remove the admin power of other, for example; sometimes we give the admin power of a group to multiple persons and sometimes they violate the group rules or some other reasons, and till now we need to remove that particular person and then need to add him/her back. But with this feature, you don’t need to do the extra effort as you can remove the admin power or demote others with the new feature.

Participant Search

The name of the feature explains its duty, it will allow you to quickly search for participant members of a group by heading over to the Group Info section and tapping on the Search Icon.

So, what are you waiting for??? Update the messaging application and get all the new features.

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