WhatsApp-The Second Non-Google app that Hits 5 Billion Installs on Android

WhatsApp hits the record figure 5 billion downloads followed by Facebook. It is the second non-Google app that wades this far. WhatsApp gained significant traction since Facebook acquired it and accelerates its growth. Facebook was the first non-Google app that conquered such a height. Also, WhatsApp’s partnership with different brands such as Samsung, etc. propelled the download rate and made it second to Facebook in the installation rate. This gigantic figure includes the pre-installed versions of WhatsApp as well.

The amazing features that make this messenger app easy to use, integrate and sign up amused the users. Despite there are plenty of alternative messaging apps with different features, WhatsApp managed to be the most popular messaging app. Today, WhatsApp claims more than a billion daily active users.

Further, it is expanding its fan-base with new features and integrations. Apart from the pre-installed Google apps, WhatsApp wins this title on a long go. With such a broad user-base WhatsApp is supposed to beat this figure earlier.

Having reached in the elite club, WhatsApp is likely to continue its journey despite all the challenges and excel to new heights leaving the rivals behind. Till an alternative rises up to pause a threat, this messenger can reign the market with its huge user-base.

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