WhatsApp Went Down Globally

Developers have to do something...


WhatsApp the most popular instant messaging application of the planet has tons of features, and the developers of the instant messaging application bring new features almost every day through the beta channel. More importantly, it is the source to make everyone connected and also to interact with clients.

Even though, the series of outage continues for the instant messaging application. As today WhatsApp went down globally and the many countries affected by the outage. Many of our readers tipped us about the outage, and also the popular website DownDetector also confirmed that outage of the world’s most favourite instant messaging application.

The outage affected users of Europe, Romania, Turkey, Oman, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Pakistan, the U.S., Switzerland, Dubai, New Zealand, Indonesia, France, Belgium, and Jordan. and the Middle East.

Well, the outage is happening continuously and on multiple products of Facebook i.e. WhatsApp and Instagram, and the social networking giant Facebook should take some needy steps to avoid this kind of situations. As in this digital age, WhatsApp has become one of the most important media to communicate with a family and friends. I hope the developers behind the screen will take needful step to avoid this kind of outage in future.

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