WiFi Q2 Mesh Router System announced by Huawei at CES 2018

WiFi Q2 Mesh Router System
WiFi Q2 with one base, two satellites

No one wants slow internet, high-speed internet connection is the need of the hour. Broadband connections are getting cheaper and now accessible to many users in their home. With users depending on Wi-Fi routers to connect their many devices to the internet to stream content online. Two major problems with wireless routers at home are getting seamless coverage as there are always blind spots, also the further you get from the access point, the slower your connection speeds.

Huawei Technologies, Chinese multinational networking company at CES 2018 announced a hybrid whole-home Wi-Fi Q2 mesh system. Huawei aims to send a stable signal throughout a large home or an estate. There are two options: a base and two satellites, which would rely on G.hn PLC technology to deliver gigabit data over electrical, telephone, and coaxial wiring, or a hybrid three-pack, which relies on both wired and wireless connections.

With the introduction of Wi-Fi Q2 Mesh System, Huawei joins the likes of Google and Samsung, who each have their own mesh Wi-Fi system. It will be interesting to see how it performs in the real world, and speeds will depend on whether your home internet can support so much bandwidth. Huawei lets you securely browse the web as the Wi-Fi Q2 uses a security algorithm that protects against brute force attacks and includes Wi-Fi encryption and password protection.

HUAWEI WiFi Q2 3 pack Hybrid
WiFi Q2 – 3 pack Hybrid Base

Delivering speeds up to 1867 Mbps, which is extremely impressive considering that the average global internet speed is around 10–20 Mbps, the company claims the Wi-Fi Q2 supports up to 192 simultaneously connected devices and up to 16 hotspots. Wi-Fi Q2’s new system also features easy five-step installation and configuration with plug-and-play connectivity. It has a dedicated channel for Internet-of-things connections.

The Huawei WiFi Q2 is priced at $220 for one base unit and two satellites enough for four to five rooms, while the hybrid three-pack is priced at $350 capable of covering five to seven rooms. The product will also have the option of picking up one base unit and one satellite for smaller apartments.

The availability of Wi-Fi Q2 is still kept under wraps by Huawei, we’ll update the information as soon as we get it.

Huawei WiFi Q2 Specs Glimpse:

  • Defaults to 5GHz network
  • Supports up to 16 hotspots
  • Dedicated channel for internet-of-things connections
  • Hybrid network: 5G mesh Wi-Fi plus powerline
  • Seamless roaming, faster switching at 100ms, on 802.11v protocol


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