YouTube now allows creators more control in comment section

YouTube the most favourite place for watching video, I don’t think there is a big introduction needed for the website. YouTube has now updated the website and give more powerful tools to the creators, as they can now moderate the comment section more powerful than earlier.




If you are a owner of a channel, then now you have more powerful tools to control the comment section. Creators can now block certain words and phrases, now it allows to pin comments. In this way you can pin a specific comment at top. Another change is, now it will show channel owner’s username will appear under the text highlighted with a Splash of colour, so you know who wrote it, by this way visibility will be more clear.


YouTube now allows to show some love to other commentators by giving ‘heart’ to them. Now a checkmark will appear, if your channel is verified.


These are the small changes, but really comes handy to get rid from vulgar comments.


So, what’s your thoughts about the new changes by YouTube???


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