Google voice search adds 8 Indian regional Languages

Google wants to make our life more comfortable, and for that the company always tries to bring new things into its various platforms. Now the mountain view company has recently announced the addition of 8 more Indian regional languages for the voice search on the search app and Gboard.


Google has selected 8 new Indian regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Urdu. Google’s voice search supported only Hindi Language in India.Google has announced that they are introducing 30 more new languages out of that 8 are new Indian regional languages. To be proud, Google is now offering 119 languages for voice support now. Google has worked with native speakers to collect some speech samples and has improved the efficiency of the voice search as different people uses different tones of languages.


This move will enable millions of Indians to use Google search.The only limit users felt was the language barrier. Now Google came with a solution and it is ready to roll out some famous regional Indian languages.The motto of Google voice search is to reduce time in typing the search material and to make it voice simple search which is easy and convenient than traditional search.


These languages will also be available in Google’s Cloud Speech API which allows developers to convert audio into text. Soon this will be extended to other apps said the company.


The Technobugg team wishes all Indians “Happy Independence Day”.


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Source: Google

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