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Lenovo reveals Smart AI concepts, AR headset, Smart Cast+ and Smart Vest in Techworld 2017

Lenovo has revealed a bag full of Gadgets in its Techworld 2017 summit. The company has proudly displayed its upcoming features which covered a wide range of audience in its place.



Lenovo has unveiled few technologies in the summit.The technologies include Ai, AR, flexible smartphones, Smartvest and lots more. The first one we gonna discuss is about Artificial Intelligence.



CAVA (Context Aware Virtual Assistant)




CAVA is a virtual Assistant that uses deep learning –based Face recognition systems and natural language understanding technology that help to understand the user. This Virtual Assistant can even understand the meaning of their message on its own and also manages reminders and events. It even analyzes the traffic and weather data and gives a quick report on the user’s appointment schedule.



daystAR(AR Headset)




The daystar is a standalone headset with an optical display capable of a 40-degree field of view. This Standalone Headset doesn’t need any smartphone or PC to connect with. It processes on its own. Ths company expects developers to develop Apps for the AR platform in future.







SmartCast is a smart speaker that delivers AR functions by recognizing objects and sounds. The smart speaker also projects images onto a wall or screen. The SmartCast + is similar to Amazon Echo and Xperia Touch projector, but it stands one step ahead.







SmartVest is the World’s first ECG- equipped clothing that can monitor heart Rhythm all day 24/7.The SmartVest can even identify problems related to heart in real time.




The SmartVest looks and feels much more comfortable to wear it all the day. This SmartVest is available for both men and women in an attractive color.







Xioale is a customer service platform which is implemented to solve technical issues.This is built mainly for business and learns conversations with customers and interacts with user more comfortable.It gives rich user experience 24/7. By this, the users will be able to solve all technical issues experiencing with their smartphones.


In addition to these, the company has also revealed Lenovo C plus concept flexible smartphone similar to LG G Flex. With 4.35- inches AMOLED display covered with a leather back.The company also unveiled two variants of its YogaBook with two new colors like Ruby red and Pearl White starting from $499 for the Android version and $549 for Windows version.


All the above mentioned are concepts for now. Later on the company maight decide to launch or droup out the idea. These products will surely change the future of Electronic Gadgets. Lets us wait for Lenovo’ future announcement regarding their official release.



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Source: Lenovo, Via: Android Authority


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