Soon you will be notified when your name mentioned in a group on WhatsApp


Since the beta version of WhatsApp launched officially, the developers of the world’s most favourite instant messaging application roll out new features at regular intervals. However, many of those testing features may not make its way to the stable version. But if you look at the major feature, they have released on the stable version only a few number of features have missed to make its way to the stable version of WhatsApp.

Well, now the developers of WhatsApp are testing a new feature which is going to a super hit. According to the source, soon users will get a notification whenever their name mentioned in a WhatsApp group. The feature is testing on IOS platform and it will be part of the version 2.18.10.

This feature will be great and handy because whenever you mentioned in a group, you will get a notification and once you open it you will see a button. Tapping on it will be taken directly to the message in which you have been mentioned, in this way you can reach to those messages where you are mentioned and you can reply them easily without scrolling the whole messages in the group.

As I mentioned above, the feature is currently in testing on iOS and let’s hope that the feature may make its way for Android and Windows very soon.


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Source: WABetaInfo

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