5 Types Of People Who Should Avoid Using Credit Cards At All Cost

With the advancement in technology, there have been many improvements regarding security and practicality in finances. One such implementation is the use of bank cards. In the early days, cash was the only option for people, and it posed many difficulties in handling and security. 

This is why cards became the next big thing when it came to finances. Moreover, with the digitization of cards, it has become even more convenient for people to make payments online. Now, most people prefer carrying bank cards with them in cash as it comes in handy for making payments efficiently and securely. 


Carrying cash poses the following difficulties, which made people incline towards cards.

  1. Handling – When it comes to making large payments
  2. Time Consuming – Counting takes a bit of time, and there is room to make manual errors. 
  3. Security – Security has always been a matter of concern for people. 
  4. Keeping track of records – Manually keeping track of all your payments can get a bit messy. 
  5. Wear and tear – People have faced the age-old issue regarding wear and tear of notes. 

There are two types of cards that people can use; Debit or Credit. Debit cards are those wherein people can spend money through the deposit which they have made. Whereas, Credit cards work based on borrowing from the bank and returning it in a fixed amount of time. Credit cards allow you to withdraw a large amount of money at a time with a fixed amount of time given to clear your bills. 

In addition to the advantages of using this credit card, we also have many disadvantages. Many people do not use this credit card. Many people are afraid to use it. We may have to pay a heavy burden in the future if something goes wrong. Somewhere we sit in the cycle of taking advantage of our name. That’s why people don’t want to get involved in these cycles like this:

Cash Advance Fees And High Rates

 This is the value that is a few percent higher than the market value. This rate is high because if we take anything from the company, we have to pay the installment price. Like we get this kind of time for three months, for six months, for a year, for two years. 

We have to pay the penalty on top of that, if not on the limited date of one month. In this way, we do more harm to ourselves in the cycle of profit. This is already a few percent increase in value, which we have already paid in installments, and then we have to pay the penalty if the installment is even one day late.

Bad Habits And Risk Your Relationship.

This is turning a family’s responsibilities into a scam by making it even easier. Any family member can use this credit card. Sometimes there is something wrong, such as the wife stealing credit card shopping. But the husband does not know. 

In this way, when the husband receives a message on the phone after some time, he finds it has been used. So it is spoiling in many ways. It is also making children victims of bad habits. Nowadays, this bad habit is also seen in children. If someone is not paying for the game from home, then the children automatically go online and get it booked. 

Then, when parents find out, many questions arise. How can you do such things at such a young age? With this type of online credit card shopping, many avenues can be broken.

The Situation Of Rates Down And Unpaid Balances

Sometimes we have to face such a situation we can never imagine. Today’s prices for whatever the purchase price will be tomorrow’s increase or decrease. If we book something with a credit card, we would have to pay the price today. In this way, there are many types of losses in the market. All of this affects the general public. 

Companies, by completing their calculations today, reduce rates tomorrow and create superstition in other people’s minds. Those people keep thinking that if we buy something today, the rate will not go down tomorrow. In this way, people avoid thinking of getting the same situation again and keep thinking of something to book again. 

The remaining arrears of the people have to be paid as per the previous installments. And looking at today’s time, they get angry at themselves that it would have been better if we had stayed a little longer. It would not be difficult for us to pay the remaining installments.

Difficult To Use

This credit card is very difficult for an ordinary person or people living in villages to use. Many people like to open their account in any bank. The bank provides them with the whole kit, which includes debit cards, credit cards, and ATM, etc.

But many gullible people do not know how to use all these cards. When the monthly tax is collected from those people, then when they go to the bank official, they say that what you are using a debit/credit card, they have to pay you every month. 

Why pay when many people are not even using a credit card? When no one is using their card for three months, then the card is stopped by the bank. In the future, if someone suddenly needs to buy something online, he may have to renew the card first or at the bank. There are several things to keep in mind when using this card.


Before getting a credit card, users must stay aware of their requirements and make it an utmost priority of checking whether they can handle it. Use this link to view the benefits of using American Express Credit Card. You should give a thorough read to the terms and conditions before signing up. If you feel it is not for you, then feel free to use a debit card instead.  





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