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6 Best Online Video Editing Tools that Will Turn You into a Pro Movie Maker

In the era of visual communication, movie making is not just a skill required by professionals. From family functions to birthdays, we always want to express our feelings and memories through the medium of videos.

To make that possible, there are several online video editing tools that will turn you into a pro movie maker (check over here). After all, it is not always possible to seek professional help while creating a memorable montage for your loved ones or completing a college project.

Online video editors are basically browser-based applications where you can upload your footage and photos to make unique videos. They are easy to use, often free, and offer quite a few features for customization. You can add music, filters, text, frames, and lots more through these platforms.

Movie-making software comes in various difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced. If you are a recreational movie maker and do not want a paid subscription, there are several free platforms that you can use to create your videos.

While there is a huge selection of online video editing tools on the internet, here are the 6 best such movie-making platforms.

Video Creek

Video Creek is a free video editing platform that lets you create intros and footages for your YouTube channel, blog, Instagram, broadcast, vlog, etc. It has advanced editing features in an extremely easy-to-use format for beginners.

You can choose a layout, add text and music, and change color schemes as well. Many top brands like Microsoft, CNN, Dropbox, etc., use VideoCreek for their movie-making needs.

Visit and use this software without any installation. Create videos, product ads, social media content, brand intros, and lots more on this platform.

Adobe Spark Video Maker

The Adobe Spark Video Maker comes in both free and paid versions. Needless to say, some of the more advanced features are only available when you pay for a subscription. However, it is a handy software to use for beginners.

You can use this platform for simpler video requirements, like that for social media or personal use. There is a selection of frames and templates that can be customized as per need. You can also insert brand names and logos in the paid version.

Adobe Spark lets you create Instagram posts by switching to square modes and rearranging elements accordingly. This tool is very useful for social media marketing. You can choose headings, storytelling options, screen views, and formats.

However, you can choose to ignore the template suggestions and customize the video as per your taste. An orange mic button on the interface also allows you to record voice-overs easily and use them with your footage.


Clipchamp is a very popular online video editor because of its ease of use and a wide selection of features. This platform offers you a free video maker as well as a compressor, converter, and webcam recorder. The controls are easy to understand and offer all the essential editing choices.

You can cut and trim videos, control speed, add titles and filters, and lots more. Just drag and drop your footage in the correct sequence, and choose from their available customization options.

Videos can also be rotated and flipped, along with adjusting and editing brightness, contrast, transitions, and backgrounds. You will also find a stock library with free sample videos. Beginners will find it very easy and time-saving to create videos on Clipchamp and save it directly on their device or Google Drive.

Online Video Cutter

This is a simple, straightforward, no-nonsense video editing tool that lets you cut, trim, rotate, and customize videos online. It has a clear and professional website interface that takes you straight to the required features for video editing.

Although it offers fewer features than some of the fancy video editors out there, it is perfectly suitable for beginners. You can upload video from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or device, and customize or edit them as you need.

This platform provides several style editing features that can change the look of your video. Online Video Cutter is particularly suitable for college students and social media enthusiasts. The best feature it offers is that the videos can be saved in the original quality of full HD version with up to 1080p.

The video editor is free for all and does not require any registration. Uniquely, it also exports videos without a watermark, which makes it highly useful for professional projects.


Magisto is the dream of online marketers. This AI-powered movie-making platform lets you upload photos and videos, which are then transformed into video stories. You can create marketing and brand videos, social media stories, as well as personal tributes through this software.

It also offers access to iStock photos and clips. Just upload the content and sit back and relax while Magisto works its magic. The platform is user friendly, quick, and high quality at almost no investment.

You can sign up using your Facebook or G+ account to add footage and access templates. The templates cover themes like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, announcements, and so on.

The editing styles on offer range from social to seasonal, family to fun. You can choose music and transitions, and get a free preview of the end result on your PC, mobile, and tablet. Magisto allows you to share the video o social media for free but requires a plan upgradation or referrals to download the video on your device.


WeVideo is a video editing software for beginners as well as professionals. It offers a free version that lets you create videos of less than five minutes, with all the editing features. It is user friendly and offers all basic edit tools.

If you are looking to make videos for small ads or social media, this is just the platform for you. The free version lets you export videos at 480p whereas the paid version offers 4K resolution across all platforms.

WeVideo is compatible with all PC browsers, Chromebooks, iOS, and Android devices. It stores your projects on the cloud for easy access. You can also collaborate with other users to work on the same video.

Final Thoughts

Now, with platforms like Video Creek and the rest, making videos online has never been easier. Be it your niece’s birthday or your office’s presentation, you will get a professional video clip with online movie creating platforms.


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