A Brand Don't Have The Right To Rule

A Brand Don’t Have The Right To Rule

Hello readers, today I came with an off-topic subject, but it is most important for every blogger or a writer who belongs to the Tech world. Before I get started, I just want to say that this article is not to hurt anybody or not to blame anybody, this is for my self-satisfaction and also to show my support to a person whom I admire and respect a lot. Recently, the Indian smartphone brand Micromax’s sub-brand Yu launched a new smartphone and it is dubbed as Yu Ace. And with this device, the company wants to attract the users who prefer the ultra affordable smartphone, if you are unaware about the device, then you can head over the link to read the complete specification details of the device.

So, the problem is few people attacked a person for without any reason. That said. a well-known YouTuber as well as blogger Amit Bhawani, attacked by a couple of Twitter users. Let me explain the issue, Amit sir just posted a tweet about the Yu Ace, but it’s not a review of the device nor his verdict, but it was to know the opinion of the public, (you can see few of the tweets below).

However, after some time of his tweet, suddenly few Twitter users started to attack him and the most interesting thing is all the attackers are the verified users which mean they are the influencers, you can check out few of them below!

Well, as you can see that many of the tweets were just posted to make a negative impact on such a respectful person. We can also see that all the tweets are coming from the people who do not belong to the smartphone industry, and with this we can easily understand that all this is a part of a well-planned game, to show that Amit sir as a biased person, another thing you can notice that all the tweets have similar language and writing style, as well as all of them, got the same number of retweets.

So, it’s clear that all these things were deliberately created to attack such an incredible guy. Having said that, I don’t know who did this or who played behind this, but I just want to say that this is really unfair and the influencers have to behave more responsibly because if you got the verified badge and people admire you, is not the meaning, to say anything to anybody. You people have your own responsibility to the society as well as the people who trust and admires you, so this is really a bad thing.

I just want to say that, a couple of negative tweets will not affect the personality and the trust which people have on Mr. Amit, and I just want to express my full support and love to such an incredible person and I hope that you people will spread this article as much as you can and support him. Another point of the thing, this article is not paid. I am writing this article because I also belongs to the same blogging industry and I cannot tolerate this type of unwanted activities to a person.

So, I believe that this kind of activities will not happen in future and brands have to realize that, if a blogger writes about them or taking opinions to his or her followers is not mean that they are against. Moreover, and people also know who is who. Also, you guys share your thoughts about this incident in the comments section below.

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