Amazon Echo second-generation review

Amazon Echo second-generation review

These days the popularity of smart devices is increased very much, and one of the most popular smart devices for gadget right now is smart speakers. Amazon Echo is above than its competitors, as the Alexa, Amazon’s voice AI, that brought the Echo to life. The second generation of Amazon Echo is totally different than its predecessor, as the device is designed for your home. I have spent a great time with the new device and in my opinion, it is really good and working really well. So, without wasting any second, let’s dive into the review of the Amazon Echo.




Echo’s design right off the box is heavy, I didn’t expect it to be heavy for the size but its ok. I picked the grey colour variant as it fits right in the interior of my house. The base of the speaker has some hard rubber. It which makes it stick to the surface. The top has a mute button, volume switching buttons and an Alexa calling button. Also has an interchangeable case. The output consists of a 3.5mm jack and a power button. The all-new Echo is smaller and wider than its predecessor, which means it has a lot more steadier on its feet.



The Amazon Echo Sec-Gen is a breeze to set up you just have to install the Amazon Alexa app. Now the Alexa app is something I don’t like, it just not smooth UI wise.


It does have a step by step guide on how to get the Echo on to your network, though, so there’s no denying its simplicity when it comes to installation. Just follow the instructions and you will be up and be firing in less than 5 minutes.

Once the installation is done you will see a green ring light and u can start asking Alexa different things that you wanna do. My echo is at a 6-foot height along with my wifi router.

Now since its an AI it keep learning your voice. Initially, the echo had problems in registering the wake commands. I literally had to shout sometimes just for it to hear me. But as when I kept using it the microphone began to capture my voice perfectly. Now it even captures my voice when I speak softly. Now as you might know it does a whole lot of things. Some basic skills are “What time it is” “Whats new today” and my personal special “Play some music.

Amazon prime music is still to launch in India but you can have an early access to it via the echo. You can also link Saavn and Tunein to it via the Alexa app. Combine these three it makes a great music library. Now since the Alexa is still being developed for India it doesn’t recognize many of Indian artist name. eg: Plays songs from Shaan and plays some British artist songs.

Getting to the sound quality…one word that “Powerful”. Amazon has fitted a 0.6-inch tweeter and 2.5-inch woofer into the device, which is powered by Dolby. I honestly didn’t expect this great sound. The bass is amazing and the mids and lows are perfectly captured.
The one thing that I was looking forward to with the Echo was making calls but unfortunately, Amazon Alexa India doesn’t come with that feature (Sad Smiley). There are many great features which are there in the Alexa US but I don’t think we would get it anytime soon in India.



India is still at the entrance door as it goes to the adaptation of AI’s and home automation. But at the price range that the Alexa products are priced, I think its worth a try. Alexa is completely dependent on the Internet and how fast your Wi-Fi is. But for the times your internet is down using it as a regular Bluetooth speaker and you would have no regrets on emptying your wallet on these speakers.


If you are looking to buy the device then don’t waste time, purchase the device now.

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Amazon Echo Sec-Gen











  • Always hear you
  • Bluetooth in and out
  • Easy Setup
  • Alexa keeps getting smarter & better
  • Early access to Amazon Prime Music (Via Echo only)


  • Struggling to recognize Indian words
  • No Built-in battery
  • No voice calling feature for India
  • Voice recognition missing in India

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