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Android 10 Announced – End Of An Era

YouTube Music Now Replacing Google Play Music On Android 10

It’s more than 10 years (almost 11 years) since the launch of most used operating system in smartphones, Android. Going through the naming history of Android versions, first two were Alpha & Beta. Then from third instalment they approached the name alphabetically based in dessert names like Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, and this series is still on board with Android Pie.

Now from the past couple of months, people are waiting for the announcement of the next version of Android along with a new dessert name on letter Q. The Developer Previews are in their final stage and they will officially start rolling out this newly updated firmware to compatible devices. But this year Google changed their tradition of dessert versions to simple numerical version and announced Android 10.

This is indeed a surprise for all of us. Because it’s was always an hot topic that what will be the Android names after Android Z. So Google ended this conversation before Android Q itself and at the same time ditched it. Google says that this simple numerical versions will be a lot more easier for everyone to remember. They also mentioned that previous dessert names were not so much familiar with every region.

Not only the name, but Google also changed the Android logo and its traditional colour scheme. Font of Android is changed now and it’s a bit more rounded than the current logo. The colour scheme of yellowish-green is changed to blueish green. And the reason Google gave for the change is that the current colour is not properly visible to colour blinds. Making it blueish green will be easily seen by colour blinds. Android logo is also changed, now instead of the whole body of Android, they decided to put only the head of the Android robot. Also, there will be multiple colour schemes for multiple uses, like Blue, Navy, Orange, Chartreuse, and non-specified light blue colour.

So that’s all the information we have as of now. We don’t know the exact launch date of Android 10, but it should launch anytime soon, in the coming weeks. I guess this is the end of an era in smartphones, especially Android. I can say that Android will change itself a lot in the coming years, so hope for the best. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Written by Harsh Sharma

Writer at Technobugg


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