Android Q Leaked Again And Reveals More


Android the most favourite mobile opening system of the planet and Google who is behind this amazing OS works very hard to make it awesome and helpful for all the users. The company is driving artificial intelligence in the operating system with the latest Android 9.0 and the company also upgraded the security as well as privacy features of the operating system.

Well, the next version of Android is said to be Android Q. Which was leaked a couple of days ago and it suggested that the developers are working for a native dark mode feature in the upcoming operating system and today more information of the operating system leaked and reveals more. An early build of the upcoming Android Q has been leaked and that shows-off light into the operating system and its features. So, without wasting any time let’s dive into the article to check out all the available information.

Dark Mode

Just like the previous leak, the latest leak also claims that the upcoming Android Q will support the native dark mode. That said, it’s not completely AMOLED, but now at least have a dark mode. The “Dark mode” in the upcoming operating system can be enabled in Display settings and it also offers an “Automatic (based on time of day)” option. Moreover, the Developer Options of the upcoming OS has an option which will “override force-dark” feature. This allows you to turn force native Google apps such as Messaging, and Dialer to undergo a dark mode switch as well.


The developers of the operating system is tightening the privacy in the upcoming version of the Android, the company revamped the options of the permission and now users will get an option to limit the location access and there will also a new “Permissions usage” page and that will show the “Top permission usage at any time”.

App info

In the new version of Android users will get the new buttons for uninstalling, force stop, and to open an app, icons seems to be bigger and it is easy to use for one hand and it also lists deeper of Android’s Digital Wellbeing.

Desktop Mode

This is another new addition to the upcoming operating system but in the early build this option is not working and that’s why we do not have the actual functionality of this option, but it seems that the company may bring a desktop mode which could be similar to the Samsung DeX.

Native Screen Recorder

The screen recorder is one of the most common things and people use third-party applications. Well, now it seems that Google understands this and brings support for the screen recorder option and there is a new shortcut to access this feature under the developer option and this feature can be accessed by pressing long on the screenshot button in the power menu. Apart from all these major changes the company is also making some tweaks in the user interface of the upcoming version of the Android.

So, these are the information from the early build of the upcoming Android version. We have to wait a long for the official announcement of the operating system as the Mountain View company Google usually releases the new version of Android by the end of August. Let’s wait for more information in the coming days and we recommend you to stay tuned with us for the latest updates at your fingertips.

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