Best Ways to Break Your Smartphone Addiction
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Best Ways to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

With increasing dependence and addiction to smartphones, it becomes important to place some preventive measures with utmost priority. These preventive steps will not only help you reduce your smartphone addiction but it will also put your personal, professional life and health on track. Let’s discuss some interactive steps to reduce your smartphone addiction and save your valuable time.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:

So, you have a lot of applications installed on your device for all different tasks. Well, they are useful to some extent but what if one of your ride-sharing apps is sending you tons of alerts and notifications throughout the day just to annoy you and waste your time. Thus, the best idea is to get rid of all such apps that are of little or no use to you. It will not only help you recover storage space but you can excuse yourself from unnecessary notifications and updates.

In addition to unnecessary apps, you should also look for unnecessary content received from your family & friends that is of not much use to you. Here, you can delete unnecessary GIFs, videos, images and other content that you find distracting. While this unwanted content may trap you unnecessarily, deleting it will help you save some valuable time and reduce smartphone addiction.

Set Network Free Zone:

If you find it hard to remember when was the last occasion you have spent quality time with your family or friends then it’s time to rethink and re-plan your strategy to use a smartphone. Try to set network free zones at home, office and anywhere else where needed. For example, you can leave your dining room as a network free zone, or your meeting room at the office. It will help you focus on more important things at hand. Further, don’t remember to turn off mobile data/Wi-Fi before you go to bed for sound sleep.

Spare Time for Real-Life Things:

Don’t always rely on applications for all the small things in life. For example, give preference to TV or newspaper to know latest news & updates. Meet people to know their well-being or wish them the birthday, rather than dropping a message on some social media app. Remember there is life beyond your virtual world where you have more important relations to deal with. And don’t forget to spend some time with your family. Spend time with your children, mom-dad, spouse, and others who matter to you in life.

Enjoy Your Hobbies:

“The screens that are stealing childhood”, well, this is not only applied to kids at your home but it goes beyond that. Today, with increasing dependence on smartphones for every small thing in life we are more like controlled by these devices unknowingly. Further, this dependence is not only limited to negative effects on personal & professional life but it is also affecting our health negatively. Remember, if you prefer 15 minutes chat on social media app to 15 minutes brisk walk then you are jeopardizing your health. Further, don’t forget to spend time on your favorite hobbies that could be anything from riding a bike to listening to music or anything else.

Use Apps:

The next best solution to reduce smartphone dependence is to monitor and manage your smartphone usage using state-of-the-art applications. These powerful apps are meticulously designed to track phone usage and help you reduce your smartphone addiction. One such monitoring app is Social Fever that is developed by industry professionals after long and detailed research. This smart app helps you set and track goals while sending you real-time reports about apps usage. It displays usage history to help you reduce and manage your smartphone usage. Further, it sends you alerts when you spend long hours on your device to keep your eye & ear health intact.


Following some simple yet effective steps from the list above you can manage to save some valuable time for important things in life. It will also help you fight with your smartphone addiction. In addition to above-mentioned tips & tricks, if you have tried some other steps, feel free to mention them in the comment box below.

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