Choose The Best VPN for Fast Internet in China
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Choose The Best VPN for Fast Internet in China

If you have been in China or planning to go there, one of the most important things that you must have is a Virtual Private Network. This is because the Chinese Government has created more than five dozen Internet regulations that are being implemented by the local Internet Service Providers there. Because of this Internet Censorship Policy, more than a million websites remain out of the open list.

Despite such a harsh thing, people have made a way out of it. The key to this lock has long been discovered and used widely. A VPN is what people use there. Although the Chinese Government has gone even strict this time by threatening to ban all the VPNs as well, the VPN companies have heard this rhetoric more often. They have adjusted themselves in the past as well. Here is a list of VPNs to choose from in China.

To let the citizens of China, and the visitors access the internet without any blockage, NordVPN extended has lately extended its business in China as well. To reach China is the first challenging step. Staying there is even more difficult. The robust firewalls prevent the incoming and outgoing internet traffic between China and the rest of the world. This results in a substantial restriction to visit the popular and essential websites, and search engines.

It is thus crucial to have a VPN subscription to keep using the internet without any restrictions. With NordVPN, you can use the IP address of any desired country where these restrictions do not apply. NordVPN comes with a feature to encrypt the user’s data. The only thing you have to do is to select a plan that best suits your needs. It allows you to connect six devices to the server at any given time. The 30-day money back guarantee works as a cherry on top of the cake.



ExpressVPN is the most popular VPN in China. Though it is not cheap, it has the features that people love to spend their money on. One such feature is the wide range of server locations. Late in 2017 when the internet was controlled even more tightly, ExpressVPN stood as one of the working ones, when most of them no longer worked.

Their software is easier to install and use than of any other brand. While there is no free trial option for ExpressVPN, the 30-day money back guarantee ensures you get it replaced if you happen to encounter a problem with their services, which is highly unlikely. Not just the restrictions of China, it even bypasses the Netflix’ restrictions. It has become increasingly difficult to access Netflix in China.



While in China, you simply cannot live without a VPN subscription. The internet restriction there is such a headache. You don’t get to visit any popular websites, not even the most useful ones. When talking about best VPN for China, VyperVPN is one of the options that are available out there. It is capable of easily bypassing China’s great firewall and Internet Censorship to surf it freely.

It is difficult for China’s deep packet inspection tactics to suspect anything because of its proprietary Chameleon technology. The 256-bit encryption that it uses prevents you from being snooped and hacked as well. Apart from Credit Cars, or PayPal, you can use Alipay, which is China’s largest third-party payment gateway.


To get past the great firewall in China, StrongVPN is an option one can count on. It does not cut out once you have connected, which is a problem with a number of VPNs. Because it picks up the dynamic Internet Protocol address for you, there is a very thin chance of getting caught by the authorities.

Although it does not have a trial period, the 30-day money back guarantee helps you return it to the company if you do not feel about their services. The customer support that StronVPN provides is really commendable. With over a hundred servers to choose from, it is highly unlikely that you’ll lose the connection.


In the end, it is about the personal satisfaction. So choose what best suits your needs and budget and enjoy fast, secure, and restriction free internet in China, where without VPN, it is just a dream.

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