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How to check your email id is never misused

We all use email id’s to communicate with family members, friends, clients, and on the Internet hackers are also very active and looks for an opportunity to hack other people’s account for various purposes. We can protect email id by taking needed steps, but how could know that your email id is never hacked or misused? In this article I’ll show you, the way to check your email id is never misused.



Open your browser and go to, the website is so simple so there will be no issues to perform your activity. Once you are in the website, just add your email id and click the ‘pwned?’ button. It will scan your email id, and show the result instantly in front of you.


Moreover, if your email is safe then you can use a service of the website called Notify me when I get pwned. Use the service and it will notify wherever your email misused.


You can also check safety of your social media account, enter your username in place of email id and click on the ‘pwned’ button. So, what are you waiting for??? Head to the link and check your account now.


Check it out


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