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How to enable One Hand Mode on Google Keyboard

Smartphones and tablets/phablets are the two devices which everyone using and do various things like chatting, post status or edit official document on the go, for all these purposes we use keyboard and by default phones and tablets all comes with Google Keyboard.

The size of latest smartphones or comes tablets comes with big display size which are awesome to play games, watching videos etc, but it makes typing difficult when you are trying to type one hand or if your hands are small then you can’t able to handle phablets or tablets with your one hand.


How to enable One Hand Mode on Google Keyboard


So, in this article we will guide you to enable one hand mode on Google Keyboard. Read on


How to enable One Hand Mode on Google Keyboard


  • Make sure you have updated your keyboard (check it out in Google Play Store).
  • Head to Settings, scroll down and find Language & Input.
  • Tap on Google Keyboard.
  • Now you have to tap on Preferences.
  • Tap on One handed mode.
  • As soon as you enable the one hand mode, you will be presented with options like disabling left handed mode and disabling right handed mode according to your comfort choose which hand you want to use to type.


That’s it! You enabled one hand mode on your device, you can switch between right hand and left hand by tapping on the arrow key at corner on the keyboard. So, now you can type with one hand and with more comfort and ease.

And if you have changed your mind and you want to disable one handed mode, just tap on the full screen icon above the arrow key at the corner of the keyboard.


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