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Everything about smartphone processor

Smartphones are on now become one of the most important thing to survive a day, there are many people who uses more than one Smartphone and everyone goes behind display and camera when they wish to buy a new one. But a smartphone works smartly only because of its processor, and a majority of people does not bother much about the processor. So, in this article I will explain everything about the smartphone processor.


What is processor?


We all know the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is called as the brain of a computer, in that same way, processor is the brain of the device. On our smartphone we do various activities such as play music and videos, play games, browse web on mobile, take photos through camera. In order to carry out all those things, there has to be part of the system that can process and carry out their functions which usually what and all that is done by a processor.


In computer there are different components such as Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), Memory and other important components which all are connected to the motherboard. In the same way, on smartphone you have got similar components and their sub processors. And they are integrated into a single chipset which referred to as System-On-a-Chip, so when we speak about the processor we automatically speak about the (SoC).


One of the most important component of the SoC is the CPU, and most of the companies uses a CPU based design from a company called ARM. And it carries out majority of things which you experience on your device, from running the OS to touch screen function. Now we all says that our device has 1 GHz processor, but did you know what actually it means? It refers to the speed of the CPU, and a CPU has cores which is called single core or dual core and it refers to the number of CPU cores.


Moving to other important element of the SoC is GPU, which processes graphical and visual elements of your device. And because of this element you can able to view web pages and view anything in a decent look. The SoC also include a number of sub processors such as video encoders & decoders, camera, audio playback. And few companies also include a phone’s modem (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G/4G etc), but some other manufacturers keep them separate.


Are all processors being equal?


No its not created equally, and this is because different chipset makers take different approach to designing their SoC. But all the processor manufacturers have one thing in common which is the ARM, ARM is the company which provides the architecture for mobile processor and these companies use it as a basis for developing their chipsets.


32 bit – 64 bit


These days smartphone processors are coming into different bits, which are 32 bit and 64 bit. So, what does this mean exactly?

The 32 or 64 bit is referring to the amount of values which can be stored on a particular processor register, processors uses a register to store data as they perform its task. So, more room means more values can be saved on it. And the 64 bit processors have 4 million times more addresses than 32 bit processors.


So, now I hope you have got a decent idea about the smartphone processors. If you have any kind of doubts then don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section below, and I will be happy to assist you.


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