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Everything about Windows 10 Creators update

The tech giant Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015, and the company rolled out the first major update on the operating system in last year July called Anniversary update. And now the Microsoft is all set to roll out another major update to the OS with the name creators update- codenamed Redstone and it will begin to rolling out on April 11 2017. So, let’s find out all the new features of update of Windows 10.



3D for everyone

With latest Creator update, Microsoft eyes in 3D creativity. Microsoft brings a new paint 3D application in the Windows 10 with the latest update, it will allow you work with and 3D models. Windows also come with a ‘View 3D Preview’ app, which will allow you to open 3D models, view, rotate around and Zoom into 3D models. Right now it’s supports .fbx and .3mf file types.

Microsoft also brings support for 3D in Edge browser, you can able to upload and download 3D models through the browser. The company also supports 3D models in Microsoft PowerPoint, it gains 3D models and cinematic animations for transitions like morph. So, you can present 3D type presentations. The company also add 3D features into the Microsoft Office Applications by the next year.


Game Mode and game settings


Game Mode in Windows 10 will improve the performance of game using both the Microsoft new UWP (windows store) application platform and older win32 desktop application. To enable the Game Mode open the game bar by pressing Windows + G. Click here for more about the Game Mode.


Night Light

The Night Light feature which was also known as blue light in the early stage of the Creators update, the new feature will convert the colour temperature at night. So, it will be easier on your eyes and easier to get to sleep right after using the PC. You can get access on this feature by heading to the Settings > System > Display > Night Light settings, to enable the Night Light mode and configure your desired colour temperature, you can set Windows to automatically enable the feature at sunset and enable it at sunrise.


Virtual Reality Headsets

I previously updated about the Microsoft Reality Headset and it was called as Windows Holographic, but the new name for windows holographic is Windows Mixed Reality and it works hand in hand with the 3D support. Microsoft Hololens headset, for example, is a mixed reality headset it will allow you to see through the headset to the real world and the digital images. Read here for more.


Game broadcasting for Windows 10 and Xbox One

Microsoft already available game recording feature which you can upload it to social services, now the feature is gaining broadcast ability. Which will able to stream your gameplay to Xbox Live in real-time, and Xbox Live friends will receive a notification when you start the broadcasting. This feature will be built-in both the Xbox One as well as Windows 10 PC, and the feature is powered by Beam.


Other PC gaming improvements

The tech giant is partnering with Dolby to bring Doly Atmos positional sound to the PC and Xbox One, you don’t even need any hardware which supports the Atmos. The Windows 10 will allow you to create virtual Dolby Atmos positional sound with ‘Virtual any pair of headphones’.


Microsoft Edge improvements

The Microsoft Edge Browser which was debut in with the Windows 10, and it also getting improvements in the Creators update. The browser now offers a tab preview bar which shows you a visual preview of every tab which you have opened in the browser, you will able to see a drop icon- click on it to get the preview of the tab. It also added with tab management feature which allows you to ‘set tab aside’and you can also share those tabs with other apps.

Edge will now prefer HTML 5 when it is available, block Flash by default, it allow you to choose whether Flash to load or not. The company has also added support for web payments which uses ‘Payments Request API’, it is designed to make online payment fast and easy to provide the card details and shipping address which is stored in the Microsoft Wallet. But remember one thing, you can use this feature only once the website adds the feature.

The browser now supports jump list, it now supports EPUB format ebooks, it now allows you to export your favourites to an HTML file and allows you to import data from other browser’s of the PC. The browser will now allow you to choose ‘RUN’ a downloaded setup without saving the file, or click ‘Save As’ button to choose the location.

Moreover, the browser now adds Brotli compression. With this feature the company promises better compression ratios and decompression speeds, with this websites can take advantage of this feature to load web pages faster, but for this the website should support this feature.


New Cortana features

With the Creators update Microsoft brings new features in Cortana, now you can restart, shutdown, sleep or lock your computer with your voice, it also allows you to increase and decrease your volume of your system with voice command. Cortana now also support voice playback controls for the iHeartRadio and TuneIn apps. Moreover, you can also ask Cortana what song is playing and it will give you the answer.

App developers can add Cortana commands into their applications, so users can use voice commands to do any activity in the app. Cortana is also getting a new full screen mode, when your PC is unlocked and idle you can say ‘hey Cortana’ and Cortana will appear in a full screen.

Now you can add reminders in Cortana for every month or every year, which means now you to add reminder for something which happens once a month or in a year. The developers at Microsoft are working on Cortana for many new features, but none of them are official, so let’s wait and we will update once all those features revealed officially.


More control Windows update

Microsoft finally fulfilling a long waited thing for its users, you can pause updates for up to 35 days. You will able to find the option in Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Pause Updates, this setting is only available for the Professional, Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10. Unfortunately, the Windows 10 Home Edition. You can also choose to avoid driver updates when updating Windows, preventing Windows updates from messing with your drivers. To do so, you have to go Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Pause Updates again. And this is also available for the Professional, Enterprise and Education editions.

If you are using Windows 10 Home Edition then don’t lose your heart, as you can also get some new changes that can prevent Windows 10 from rebooting to install updates when you are using it. When there is a new update you will able to see a new prompt and you can choose to ‘Pick a time’ when the update is convenient to you to install, or you can also ‘Snooze’ for upto 3 days. Moreover, now you don’t have to restart and install the update immediately If you are using your computer. Previously Microsoft allowed you to set 12 hours as the active hours of your PC but now it become history, as with the new update Windows allows you to set up to 18 hours of the day as your active hours and during this period Windows 10 won’t restart for updates your computer. Windows update also detect whether the computer display is being used for something.

Finally now you can set a Wired Ethernet connections as metered from Settings > Network and Internet > Ethernet. This prevent Windows from automatically downloading all the updates and using other necessary data on a connection with limited data.


Privacy settings changes

With the latest Creators updates Microsoft brings changes in the privacy setting of the operating system, as now when you experience Windows 10 setup you will see the changing. The ‘Express Setup’ option that encourages you to hands off and select the default setting. But now you will see ‘Choose Privacy Setting for your device’ that provides information and encourages you to make choices.


Other new features:

Here are the other small but big new additions of the new Creators update.

  • Store apps only (optional): you can force Windows 10 to only run apps from the Windows Store, software which you install from anywhere else will be block. It is disabled by default, but if you want to use this feature then you can and enable it.
  • More built-in advertisements: In latest Creators update you will see Office 365 advertisements and other notifications in the file explorer and suggestion notification in your action centre, and if you don’t want to see this advertisements then you can disable it.
  • New Share menu: With the latest update Microsoft redesigned the current share feature, now you will need to find the share icon in an app to share something.
  • New screenshot hotkey: Windows 10 get another screenshot tool now you press Windows + shift + S to capture a region of your screen and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Accessibility improvements: With the latest update the accessibility area also gets improvements, the Narrator is now available in the windows installation and recovery tools environment. The narrator hotkey is changing from Windows + Enter to Ctrl + Windows + Enter to make it harder to start it accidentally.
  • Storage Sense: With this option Windows 10 will automatically free up disk space, and this feature is disabled by default. You can enable it by heading to the Settings > System > Storage and Windows will automatically delete your temporary files and recycle bin to free your space.
  • Dynamic lock: With this feature Windows 10 will automatically lock your PC, you can pair a device with your PC via Bluetooth and when you take away the Bluetooth device from the computer for 30 seconds then the computer will automatically get locked. Which means if you away from your computer and you took your phone  then your computer will be locked within 30 seconds. So, you are PC will be safe from unauthorized people.
  • Settings changes: Microsoft has changed the Settings page, App related Settings have moved from the system category to a new category called Apps. You will find more information about related Settings at the bottom of every setting page, the Devices > Bluetooth and other Devices page provide a single place to manage your connected device. The System > Display page has been reorganized and now you will able to change the display resolution without going to the control panel first.
  • Troubleshooters in the Setting App: With the new update, you can now get access to the troubleshooters at Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot.
  • New Windows Defender interface: With the latest update Microsoft replaces the old desktop application with a modern ‘Universal Windows Platform’ app that looks more at home on Windows 10. The refresh Windows tool which download the new Windows system from Microsoft and wipes any manufacturer installed bloatware is being incorporated into Windows Defender.
  • Improved PIN Login: Now you don’t have press the Num Lock, when you are in the field it will automatically enable the Num Lock.
  • Windows remembers which built-in apps you don’t want: Now onwards when you uninstall built-in apps such as Mail etc, those apps won’t reinstall apps automatically when you upgrade Windows.
  • Compact Overlay Window: With this feature we will get new picture-in-picture mode, allows users to run a program in a small window that’s pinned top of other applications. So, it can be view without being as intrusive as a standard window.
  • Improvements in Wi-Fi Controls: When you disabled the Wi-Fi, then you can configure it to turn on automatically after a certain period, for example: 1 hour.
  • Improvements in Action Centre: Microsoft has also improved the Action Centre, Developers can now group their app notifications and override the timestamp displayed for notification, you will now able to see progress bar in the downloading notification.
  • Start Menu Folders: Windows 10 now allows you to group the tiles on your Start Menu into Folders.
  • Start Menu Customization: Now you can customize Start Menu, by heading to Settings > Personalization > Start.
  • More interface colour option: The screen personalization screen now has a colour picker, allowing you to choose any interface and Window title bar colour.
  • Virtual Touchpad: With the latest update, Microsoft brings an on-screen touchpad. Press and hold on the taskbar and you will be able to select ‘Show touchpad button’.
  • Smoother Window Resizing: Microsoft has improved the performance when resizing application window.
  • Theme Management: Now you can select and manage from Settings > Personalization > Theme.
  • Quicker VPN Access: Now you connect to VPNs from the menu.
  • Improvements in Desktop icon placement: Windows now intelligently rearranges and scales Desktop icons.
  • Improvements in Multiple Accounts Sign-in: Gives you to add new accounts to Windows.
  • Support for Lunar Calendar in the Taskbar: Now you can see simplified Lunar Calendar in the Taskbar, to enable head to Settings > Time & Language > Date & Time and use the new ‘Show additional calendars in the taskbar’ menu.


Few other new features are as follows:

  • Office hub
  • Photos app improvements
  • Sticky Notes Insights
  • Books in the Windows Store
  • Improvements in Windows Ink
  • Surface Dial Settings
  • Cross Device Experience Settings
  • Improvements in Battery Life


So, let’s wait for the roll out of Creators update.


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