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Facebook replace inbox with the web version of Messenger

Facebook the Social networking giant, has updated its inbox interface. The company has updated the old inbox with the web version of Facebook Messenger.



Facebook replaces it old inbox with the web version of Facebook Messenger, you will notice a few subtle changes to the user interface when you access from the desktop. When you enter into the new inbox, it will look like what you would see if you had visited directly. Now on the new inbox on the, you can see left hand side of the screen reads messenger above the list of the friends you had recently chatted with. And in the centre of the screen, it will display with content of the currently selected chat session.



At the right-side of the screen, it introduced something new and handy for the users. As it will display the name of the person with whom you are chatting, when they were active, and provide access to other messenger features. Which includes the ability to search the conversation, edit nicknames, change the chat colour, change emoji and mute the notifications. There is also a link to the visit the timeline of your friend. And at the below of the screen, it shows all the photos you and your friend have shared in the Messenger.


Moreover, at the top right hand of the screen you will see buttons to make voice call, video call and an ‘i’ icon in a round blue button which will allow you to hide the right hand information panel from the screen. The other messenger features are kept under the Settings icons, which is located on the top left hand side. It will also give access to ‘Message request’ Archived threads, a list of active contacts and more.



The new changes may take some time to be change on your account. So, keep checking and share your thoughts with us on the new changes.


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