Facebook May Launch Smart Speakers Later This Year

Facebook Will Pay To Install A New App

Privacy is something very important factor of every person in the current digital world, and the social networking giant Facebook already came across various allegation. Till now the company took personal information of the users without any official word or compensations but now they came up with a new application and that will collect your personal details and it will give you payment in return.

Everything about the app

Facebook has launched a new app called ‘Study from Facebook’ and the company will run a new target advertisement which will then ask the person to verify age and other personal details, once you download it and login with your details. The application will collect information such as installed applications, usage time, location, device, and network.

The company claims that it will use the information to learn and they want to improve its own set of products, and the company also says that it will not correct the sensitive details such as passwords or messages. Once you get into the application, it will ask you to provide your PayPal account and that will be used for the payment purpose and the company hasn’t revealed the exact amounts yet.

It will be available in India and the United States and the application can be download from the Google Play Store.

What actually happens

Facebook wants to learn your preferred applications, how much time you spend on it, from where you are using the applications, it also likes to know your preferred network and your smartphones like whether it is OnePlus, Samsung or any other brand. The company will sell this information to the third-party companies and developers, there is no doubt in that, and in this way, they will earn revenue and they are also ready to help you to make some money.

How this app is different from Google Rewards

The Mountain View company Google also has an application which asks certain questions and it rewards you, but that application is not like the Facebook’s latest application because Google just takes a short survey and it does not collect your other information like ‘Study from Facebook’ app.

My opinion

I will never recommend you to download this application on your smartphone and allow Facebook to obtain your personal information. Because it’s not fair to collect users information and if you are ready to sell your information for a very small amount of money then you can proceed. But remember your privacy is more valuable than the amount which you are going to earn through the application.

Do let us know your thoughts about the application in the comments section below!

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