Google Maps Gets Local Bus Schedule, Live Train Status And More In India

Google introduces Plus codes to make sharing location easier

Google introduces Plus codes which help in sharing the addresses with people more easier.  This is similar to the older method of sharing addresses.

Google has introduced  Plus code which is an open source solution for Google maps which will allow the user to share addresses with people which is difficult to find or listed. The system behind this is by dividing the geographical surface of the earth into tiled areas with each tile have a unique code.


The code is a 6 character+ City format which is generated then you can share it with anyone to assist that person find that location easier. So hereafter you will be able to share of finding any location which you feel difficult to find. The other positive feedback is, For emergency service, this unique coding system will help find the spot easier.

Apart from this Google has also added “Add an Address” and “Smart Address Search”  on Google Maps in India. Google map is getting smarter year after year. Which also attracts users yearly. God Job Google.


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