Google One : All You Need to Know
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Google One : All You Need to Know

Google is planning to push its new subscription model called Google One and offer everything from Storage to Photos Features and VPN Service under an umbrella for a single fee. With the free storage on Google Photos being no longer free from June 1 2021, it is high time you know how things are going to be in the future.

The new service was introduced in the USA in 2018 and has finally made it to other countries including India. It is the counter from the mountain view company to Apple’s iCloud. It comes stacked with plenty of features and services and we will break it all down.

Features of Google One

After exhausting the 15GB of free space from Google, to store content from Google Drive, Gmail and Photos you will need to subscribe a plan for a monthly or yearly fee put up by the company. With Google One, your phone will automatically back up allowing easy transition from one smartphone to a new one. The company also offers complaint redressal with the plan for free. If you buy the plan, you can share it with up to five of your family members and receive free trails on Youtube Premium. In addition, you will get access to Google Store rewards and Google Play credits.

The main selling point is access to storage space for all your photos and videos. After June 1 2021, you cannot store high-quality photos and videos like you do now. Any media stored will be counted against your 15GB free storage quota after the said date. An exemption is being made for the older pixel devices which can continue to store media in ‘high quality’ beyond the deadline but not in ‘original quality’. However, Pixel devices coming in the future will not have this feature entailed.

Google will also provide paid editing tools in Photos exclusively to paid Google One subscribers. One such feature is the colour pop, which allows users to apply filters on photos that even lack depth data. At the moment this feature is freely available to all Google Photos users.

One other feature that will be exclusive to the Google One subscribers will be the company’s own VPN Service. But it will be available on plans with storage of 2TB and above. With the VPN service, the company will safely and securely transmit data over the internet with encryption. At the moment this is exclusive to Android users in the US. Google has told that they are planning to expand this service into other counties and other platforms in the near future.

Pricing of Google One

In India, Google One starts at INR 130 per month and INR 1,300 for a year and you will get 100GB of storage. If you want another 100GB of storage you will have to shell out INR 210 per month (INR 2,100 a year). For 2TB and 10TB of Google cloud storage, you will have to spend INR 650 and INR 3,250 per month respectively and so on. As you might have guessed the service pricing is based on how much storage you really need. The company will continue to provide the 15GB of free space it gives to every user like it always has.

In comparison, here’s how the US pricing goes, its $1.99/month ($19.99/year) for 100GB of storage, $2.99/month ($29.99/year) for 200GB, $9.99/month ($99.99/year) for 2TB of space and so on. Here is a complete table of the pricing of the Google One Subscription based on the storage.

Google One : All You Need to Know


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