Google Maps Gets Local Bus Schedule, Live Train Status And More In India

Google Reloads Maps

We already witnessed for the Android P beta and the new features in the Google Assistant, and now Google has reloaded its Maps at the ongoing Google I/O event. The developers of the Google Maps has added few new tricks to make the navigation application even more powerful. So, let’s check out what’s new in the Google Maps.

Google Reloads Maps

Camera Integration

The development of the Google Maps has integrated with the camera app of a device, and they did so because they want to give users the Augmented Reality (AR) experience. When a user looks through the camera, the company will show which way they should be going and it also overlays important information such as showing points of the user’s interest.

You And Your Match

Google Reloads Maps

Google is all set to make the Google Maps as a more personal experience with new features which is focused on places and activities. The company also included a new tab called ‘For You’ which automatically populated a list of spots which you love to go. And the tab will show suggestions about the places to visit according to the information which Google has about a user and he/she can follow suggestions to check out later. Moreover, places with automatic match score which shows the platform’s best guess at how much a user will enjoy them as a percentage and tapping on the score will give a detailed view explanation.

Visual Positioning System (VPS)

With the Visual Positioning System, Google wants to provide you information at its best. As when a user is not satisfied with the GPS, then the VPS is there for you. As it will use the device camera and Google’s extensive data to analyze the surrounding and identify it with more accuracy.

Moreover, now Google Maps also as personalized recommendations according to the places which a user go, the place where a user eat, and more, as the developers integrated it with the new Google Assistant cues.

So, Google Maps is now using the Augmented Reality a lot and it will give a new experience to all the users of the navigation application. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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