Google TV will soon be offering free TV channels

Google TV will soon be offering free TV channels

Google TV is a search engine based smart TV platform based on the Android operating system, powered by devices such as Chromecast as smart TVs, which will soon support free TV channels.

As per the report coming from Protocol, Google is in talks with free and ad-supported streaming television providers about the possibility of adding those channels to its smart TV platform.  It will have the same experience as a traditional TV with commercial breaks.

It is rumored that Google TV will launch free streaming channels in the coming weeks or months, but the company may wait to announce the venture with Smart TV partners early next year.

In terms of usage, users are likely to get a special live TV menu to browse through the channels.  Smart TVs are expected to feature streaming channels with over-the-air programming that can be accessed with an antenna.

What Google is trying to do is nothing new. Smart TV platform Roku has already launched a similar platform that boasts around 10,000 TV episodes and films. It also has more than 200 free channels.  Even TV makers like Samsung and LG have integrated free streaming channels on their platforms.

When TV launched the Android TV platform in 2014, Google first entered the ZTV native TV streaming segment.  There was a live channel framework for compiling live programming from streaming apps and over-the-air broadcasts, but it never got much attention.

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Written by Shahina P


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