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Google’s Duplex AI may take off Humans from Call Centers

Google’s advanced Voice  Artificial Intelligence (AI) which gives a Human-like voice to do tasks may enter Call centers.

A recent report says that an insurance company has shown interest in Google’s Duplex AI to handle some simple tasks and get into customer calls before the interference of humans. Some call centers get repetitive calls regarding the issue and Humans are tired of it. Implementing of Duplex AI before connecting to Humans, might be the good solution for Customer’s query handling.

Google’s Duplex can be used for any specific cases and mainly it is focussed on restaurant reservations and holiday bookings. Currently, there is a limited number of testers who show interests in the AI. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has introduced Duplex AI at the Annual developer conference in May. The demonstration was very successful, as the Duplex sounded more like Human. This was made possible by Google’s DeepMind’s new WaveNet Audio generation technique which gives audio output more realistic human voices in practical conditions.

If Duplex is the future of Voice assistants, then Call center is the first target or the implementation spot for the AI which removes thousands of manpower from the fields! What do you think about Duplex? Please do let us know in the comment section below.

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