Google’s personalized Feed is available to Indian users now


Google the search engine giant’s new personalized news Feed is now rolling out to the Indian users now. Earlier, the feature was only available to users of the US.



Google personalized feed is now stretched its territory to Indian users. Before it was only available to users in the US. Now Google has started rolling it out to the users all around the world, including India.this New Feed can be accessed via Google App or by swiping right to the home screen in Google Now launcher. The main Aim of Google is to make visible the interesting news, Music or videos according to your wish list.


The available content will be shown In both English and Hindi.These contents will be available in the form of cards. To follow a topic or content just tap on the Follow button, similarly for unfollow certain content or topic select the card and unfollow it. The Users can uncheck their interesting topics and change to a new one at any time.


The Google news feed is roled out for both Android as well as iOS users in India.This is one of the biggest value point of Google. Personalization feed cards make news reading simpler and easier than before.Google has also planning to launch the feature both in desktop and Smartphone version of Google website.


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