Here Is The Actual Number Of Affected Users By Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The data leak by Facebook is not a new news, as we already know that the social networking giant has cheated its user by leaking data to a British Consulting company called Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Till now Facebook said that 50 million users are affected by the data breach, well, it is not the actual number, today they have announced the actual number of affected users in a post on their Newsroom.

The social networking giant explains that a whopping 87 million users are affected by the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, and mostly from the United States. And the company has already announced that they will need to make changes in the coming months to give a better protection to its users. If you are unaware about the Cambridge Analytica, then it is a British Consulting firm which worked with the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and day collected users information from Facebook to create targeted political ads to boost Donald Trump.

Well, today onwards Facebook will not allow apps to ask access to the personal information like political views, relationship status, education, and more. And they also remove developers ability to request data people shared with them if the app was not used by the users in the last 3 months. Moreover, from the coming Monday i.e., April 9 users will able to see a new link at the top of the News Feed and it will allow users to see what apps they use and the information which they have shared with those applications.

Having said that, Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton said that it’s time to delete Facebook. After the acquisition of the WhatsApp by the Facebook he left his job from the company in last year to start his own non-profit.

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