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Here’s How You Can Hide Or Delete Bulk Posts On Facebook

Key Points:
  • Facebook introduces a new feature.
  • The new feature will help you to delete or hide bulk posts.
  • It will be rolled out in a staged manner on different platforms.

We all use Facebook and shares different types of post every day, but if you want to delete a couple of posts together then it is not possible, you need to select each and every post to delete one by one and that is pretty time-consuming and annoying. Well, the developers of Facebook finally understood this problem and implemented a new feature called Manage Activity and the same will allow you to delete or hide bulk posts.

The newly announced Manage Activity feature on Facebook will allow users to delete or hide an unlimited number of posts from the social media platform and will make things easier as now you no need to select each and every post to delete or hide.

With the help of new feature, you will able to hide posts which you don’t want others to see and that will be in the achieve section of the platform and if you want to remove bulk posts from the Facebook then it can be deleted and the same will be on the social network for the next 30 days, if you want to restore then you need to do it within that time period.

Moreover, the new feature is also coming with filters and that will enable you to quickly jump to posts with a particular person or other and this is more convenient.

Speaking about the availability of the feature, it is currently available on the Facebook Lite application, the company will bring it to the regular version of the app very soon, and the same will available on the desktop version in the future.

We hope that the social networking giant Facebook will implement the feature on all the platforms very soon and we would like to hear your thoughts about the same in the comments section below.

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