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How to add call logs in Calendar

Call logs are important when you want track someone’s call, but what you will do if they are removed or cleared. Don’t worry with Android device you add call logs in Calendar, it will help you to track call history long time back for example: months or years ago. Today in this guide I’ll show you ‘How to add call logs in the Calendar.’
To add call logs in
the calendar, follow the steps:
CallTrack’ from Play Store.
Open the
app and check the option ‘Enable CallTrack’.
which Google account calendar (if you logged in more than one Google account)
to sync your call history.
your call log preference, Missed calls, Incoming calls and Outgoing calls. If
you want all call history then check all three call logs.
That’s it, now when a
call comes and goes from your Android device the CallTrack app will
automatically record to the calendar with the date, time and duration of the
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