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Infrared light may use in future hardware of Wi-Fi

We all know that Wi-Fi gives faster Internet connectivity then the cellular networks, but when we connect more devices to a same Wi-Fi network the speed of Internet decreases. But now a new plan has been came out to give faster Internet connection with infrared light in future Wi-Fi hardware.



Joanne Oh, a PhD student at the Eindhoven University of Technology has made a proposal which says, that use of infrared light to transmit wireless data on the surface this has a lots of potential. And the new proposed infrared light will be able to handle data speeds of up to 40 gbps, and that’s just for one light ray. Every single light antenna could send out multiple rays, and each one will hit one device weither it may be a smartphone or tablet.


The technology also has limitation, as the Infrared light cannot go through the walls like the Wi-Fi signals. So, if you set up it in a home then you have to have a base antenna in every room of the home to get the connectivity. And the new proposal has only test downloading speed with the technology, while upload speeds are still using the standard Wi-Fi radio.


Well it is in very early stage let’s hope the new technology may launch quickly and effective. Share your thoughts in the comment box.


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Source: Eindhoven University of Technology

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