Instagram Brings Emoji Slider To Get Opinion From Followers


The Facebook owned Instagram has added a new feature which will be fun-filled, as the developers of the photo and video sharing hub have added Emoji Slider into its Poll. The Poll feature was added in last year, which allowed users to get an opinion from their followers via Instagram Stories.

Instagram Brings Emoji Slider To Get Opinion From Followers

The Emoji Slider is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a slider with an emoji on it. Like the Polls sticker, the Emoji Slider will available in the Stories section of the Instagram. Moreover, you can add an Emoji Slider to your Story is very easy, you can able to select the slider from the sticker tray, and place it anywhere on the Story and write a question. Simple isn’t???

Having said that, you can able to select the emoji for the slider according to the question and the followers can answer to your emoji slider by dragging the slider to the right side. And to submit the response, the user needs to release the emoji and will see the current average of how others have responded.

Speaking about the availability of the feature, it is already rolled out and it will be available in the version 24 on both the Google Play Store and App Store.

So, update the Instagram app and start asking questions in the most innovative way.