Now You Will Be Notified When Someone Take Screenshot Of Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Makes Stories More Interesting

Instagram one of the most favourite social media network continuously bringing new features into the platform to make sure that its users are enjoying the network and giving them complete satisfaction. Well, now the company has announced some new features for its Stories section and that will make it more interesting, as with the new features, Instagram will able to bring more interaction into the Stories section. Let’s find out what are the new features for Instagram Stories.

Now you can respond to a question with a song

Instagram rolled out the ‘questions sticker‘ into the platform a couple of months ago, and that will allow users to ask a question through the Stories. Well, now users of Instagram can able to respond to this kind of questions sticker with their favourite song. You will able to see a new music icon which will allow you to select your favourite song directly from the music library and the person who asked the question will able to play songs by tapping the play button from the responses. That’s not all, the developer of the application allows the user to see new effects in camera which respond to the beats and sounds of a song and the New Effects can we check out by swiping music in camera.

Use ‘Questions’ sticker in Live

These days we all go live on Facebook and Instagram and that really helps to gather responses from our followers. Well, now Instagram allows to use the questions sticker in live and that will also allow the responders to share photos and videos from their gallery as well.

Countdown Sticker

As the name suggests, the sticker will allow you to add a countdown to your Stories and you can able to add this like any other stickers and you have to give a name for your countdown and end date then your followers can able to see your countdown. This is another attempt of the Instagram to get more interaction into their Stories department and this kind of features will also help the users as well.

So, update the latest version of Instagram and enjoy the new features on your device.

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