Intel Unveils 12th Gen Alder Lake, 11th Gen Mobile H-Series Processors and More

Intel Unveils 12th Gen Alder Lake, 11th Gen Mobile H-Series Processors and More

With an aim to power the computing devices that are coming over this year, Intel has announced a Series of processors during the CES 2021 event. These include the latest 11th Gen Mobile H-Series Processors, Alder Lake, and so on. Let us check out the details of Intel’s announcement below.

Intel Unveils 12th Gen Alder Lake, 11th Gen Mobile H-Series Processors and More

Starting with Intel’s answer to Apple’s M1 chip, we have Alder Lake, which features a hybrid architecture like the ARM’s BIG.little combining both high-performance and power-efficient cores. However, the company wants the Alder Lake to act as a foundation for the future desktop and laptop processors. Alder Lake will represent the 12th Generation of Intel processors featuring 10nm SuperFin manufacturing process and will be powering devices coming in the second half of the year.

Shifting the focus to the 11th Gen lineup, we have Tiger Lake with 35W and 45W rating to be powering the laptops. Do note these are basically the same Tiger Lake 15W and 35W processors but with a boost in power. This boost helps them achieve a clock speed of a whopping 5.0GHz. It includes up to 8 cores and comes with I/O ports such as Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6/6E and PCIe Gen 4.

Intel has presented Rocket Lake Core i9-11900K CPU that will power the desktops which also supports PCIe 4.0 improving the IPC (Instruction Per Cycle) by 19%. To power low-end and device used for basic education purposes, the company has introduced Jasper Lake processors that is made from the 10nm SuperFin process. Meanwhile, the new, Pentium Silver and Celeron processor will offer a 35% performance boost in most applications and 78% better graphics performance, thanks to a better architectural arrangement.

Lastly, we have the Tiger Lake that is being split into vPro and Evo vPro which will power the devices intended for business use. The latter is a mix of vPro and the currently used Evo platform promising better security and business features.

When it comes to a launch date, except for Alder Lake which is part of the 12th Gen lineup, all other makes will by powering laptops and computers coming out in the latter half of 2021.


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