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Lab on a Chip technology for health monitoring to hit portable devices

US  Scientists have invented a bio-sensor technology known as a lab on a chip. This technology could be used in portable devices to monitor health and prevents exposure to dangerous microbes and pollutants.



The technology, which involves electronically barcoding microparticles, gives a bar code for each type of micro-organisms and identifies them for testing health and microbes. The new technique of barcoding particles makes biosensors to be smaller in size which allows for ultra-compact instruments needed for wearable devices.



In recent decades, research on biomarkers – indicators of health and disease such as proteins or DNA molecules has revealed the complex nature of the molecular mechanisms behind human disease. “This is really important in the context of personalised medicine or personalised health monitoring,” said  Mehdi Javanmard, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.



Imagine a small tool that could analyze a swab sample of what’s on the doorknob of a bathroom or front door and detect influenza or a wide array of other virus particles,One biomarker is often insufficient to pinpoint a specific disease because of the heterogeneous nature of various types of diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and inflammatory disease.To get an accurate diagnosis and accurate management of various health conditions, you need to be able to analyse multiple biomarkers at the same time.” He said.





The team is also working on portable detection of micro-organisms, including disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The technology is said to be greater than 95% accurate in identifying biomarkers and further tuning makes it 100% accurate, That kind of tool could be commercially available within about two years, and health monitoring and diagnostic tools could be available within about five years.



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